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Vitamin Supplements for Arthritis and Orthopedic Pain
Modern medicine, though extremely effective and precise, has frequently downplayed the utility of vitamin and mineral supplements in the treatment and management of a variety of health conditions. For individuals suffering from the chronic pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, more »

What Smartphones are Doing to Our Hands
Smartphones have become so pervasive; it’s almost as if they are an extension of our bodies. With built-in fitness apps, instant access to personal social networks and support, and the ability to retrieve all the knowledge of the world wide more »

Pinky Injuries: Causes and Treatment
9218987 - little finger stitched after an operation
Breaking or fracturing of the pinky is an all too common injury that should not be taken lightly. Because of the location of the pinky, it is often possible for the hand to continue to function close to normally in more »

Just Keep Running: Tips for Your Winter Cardio Routine
The benefits of running, jogging, or walking to your health and wellbeing seem endless. Although it might be tempting to take the winter off from your running routine, the colder months are one of the most important times of the more »

The Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Bone Loss
Alzheimer’s disease is prevalent in our society, impacting the lives of millions of Americans each year.  Much research has been conducted in efforts to detect its early stages, but one study may have found a link between Alzheimer’s disease and more »

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