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Growth Plate Fractures: What are They?
Because their bones are still growing and strengthening, children are at increased risk for orthopedic injuries. A common injury sustained by children is known as a growth plate fracture. Growth plates are found at either end of the long bones more »

Joint Pain: Treatment Options Before Surgery
Pain in the joints can have a variety of causes. For some, the pain is caused by an impact, repetitive stress, or another injury. For others, chronic joint pain can be a symptom of a condition like arthritis. Joint pain more »

Nutrition for the Female Athlete
Women who participate in sports work hard to improve their strength, endurance, and fitness levels. But, while we spend hours devoted to fitness, we often overlook an equally important component to athletic training: nutrition. Female athletes often fail to provide more »

From Morning Stiffness to Surgery
Millions of Americans suffer from from some degree of hip pain. You may have noticed a stiffness or discomfort in your hips in the morning, or experienced achiness or soreness after activities such as walking or jogging. This pain can more »

Dr. Greller on Knee Replacement
Dr. Michael Greller was featured in an article in CentraState Medical Center’s magazine Healthy Directions. Dr. Greller’s education and training at leading institutions has given him the opportunity to treat professional athletes, high-level Division 1 college athletes, and high school more »

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