Dr. Grigory Goldberg
3-19-2015 To. Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Goldberger, and the entire staff at Advanced Orthopedics, Thank You all for takingcare of my mother. It is truly humbling to see such great compassion and skill used to relieve the suffering of someone you more »

Patricia D
Dear Dr. Goldberg, Thank you so much for the emergency back surgery you did on me in October 2014. Dr. Banzon took care of my left shoulder 20 years ago. I came back to him, sent me for an MRI, more »

Jane S.
Dear Dr. Goldberg & Staff, I want to let you know how grateful I am to have found you. Because of you I now can live a life pain free. I also want you to know that your staff was more »

Steven W.
Dear Dr. Goldberg & Staff, Dr. Goldberg saved my wife’s life & I’ll drive the 120 miles with all my own problems to be sure Joanne is making progress. Steven W.

Ainslie Brown
This accomplished equestrian breeds, rides, and competes with her horses.  One day in June she was riding when her horse became startled, bucked, and sent Ainslie into the air.  Ainslie was in incredible pain.  She could not walk or stand.  more »

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